Ways to Take Care of Your Hands during Winter: 12 Tips

June 13, 2018Health Standard

Winter is a season where the hands usually get dry and cracked and it’s because of the harsh temperature that freezes the skin. Not to mention the cold wind that just makes it harder for your skin to adapt and become moist.

This season is the time when your hands need an extra protection. When winter comes, it is important to keep your hands in a good and healthy condition in order to keep up with your daily work and activities.home made special hand care tips for winter

It is also important to have a healthy and clean pair of hands not just during winter, but all the time. This is because the condition of your hands indicates your overall health condition. There are a lot of ways to keep your hands dry and healthy during winter.

Although resorting to hand creams is always a good idea, it is also advisable to follow other ways, specifically the ones that are home centered. The following are the 12 home made special hand care tips for winter that you can follow. These tips will help you and your hands get through the winter easily and comfortably.

1. Incorporate humidity inside your home

It is good to maintain a normal humidity at home during this season. Humidity can improve your hands’ condition. For this, using a humidifier is a good idea. You can also put a bowl of water near your heaters and even add water scents like rose water to keep the air inside your room pleasing and extra relaxing.

2. Avoid soaps with harsh properties and chemical ingredients

To keep your hands in good condition, you better choose hand soaps with soft and mild properties—those that do not contain chemicals that may cause skin reactions to your hands. Staying away from these kinds of soaps will also keep your hands protected from dryness and cracks.

3. Before taking a bath, coat your hands with oil

This is a helpful way to keep your hands well-moisturized, preventing them from getting dry and chapped. An oil can also protect your hands from soaps with harsh chemical ingredients as well as from the hot water that may damage the skin of your hands. So before you take a bath, make sure to coat your hands with an oil. Once you’re done taking a bath, apply a moisturizer directly because your hands are still damp during this time and it makes the moisturizer soak easily.

4. Always wear your gloves when you go outside

Gloves are one of the best protective gears that you can wear during winter. In this season, you can expect to find frosty air and cold winds which can cause dryness to your hands. Always wear your gloves whenever you go outside. And when you are traveling, bring your pair of gloves with you and keep it in your car so they are ready whenever you need them.

5. Wear rubber gloves when you are doing your tasks at home

When you are staying at home, you might perform a lot of work so you can expect your hands to get dry especially when the weather is very cold. Using rubber gloves when working is really essential and not just because they protect your hands from getting dry but because they also protect them from cuts and any other accidents. This tip can actually be applied at all times and not just for winter season because homework is done all the time and it is important to take care of your hands 24/7.

6. Exfoliate your hands

Skin exfoliation, a process of removing dry or dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, is important because it alleviates many skin problems. It also improves blood circulation which could help your hands achieve a good and healthy condition. Ideally, you should exfoliate your hands at least twice a week. Do not overdo it by exfoliating your skin every day, though as it may cause some unnecessary skin reactions.

7. Resort to turmerics

A turmeric is one of the most effective natural remedies for skin with reactions and infections, thus this is a good aid if your hands are suffering during the winter season. You can benefit from this natural aid by using it as a pre-bath treatment. Mix a gram flour, a little milk, and a pinch of turmeric and mold them together to form a paste. Then, coat the mixture on your hands. Next, dampen it with water after 20 minutes, then rub the paste gentle on your skin and wash it off while you are cleaning your hands.

8. Use a sunflower oil

A sunflower oil is also a great natural remedy for dry hands. Take at least 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil together with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 3 tablespoons of coarse sugar. When mixing these ingredients together, they eventually become pasty and they are ready to be rubbed on your hands. After 15 minutes, wash it off your hands. Perform this at least three times a week.

9. Apply an almond oil at night

If your hands are dry and rough, apply an almond oil on your hands at night, then wear a pair of cotton gloves. You will find it in the morning how your hands get smoother and well-rejuvenated.

10. Put sunscreen on your hands

A sunscreen could help a lot during the winter season because it has the ability to put moisture on your skin and protect them from getting dry at the same time.

11. Use glycerin and rose water

People with dry hands will be grateful for this remedy. What you just need to do is mix one teaspoon of pure glycerin and 50 ml rose water. You may add a little amount of lemon juice before application. Then, apply the mixture on your hands and let it be for about thirty minutes. Wash it off with water.

12. Resort to sugar and lemon juice

A combination of sugar and lemon juice is a good hand care tip. Rub the mixture on the back of the hands and rinse it. This is a good solution if you want to soften and lighten your skin.


The home made special hand care tips for winter that are mentioned above will benefit you a lot not just during winter but also when you need some loving on your hands any time of the year.

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